About us

Mel with Lara the cow


At Vegan Muscle our aim is simple, it's to bust myths and fight for the animals! 

Bust the myth that vegans can't be fit, strong, athletic, muscular and healthy...

Bust the myth that vegans are weak...

To normalise being vegan in situations/circumstances and to show the world that vegans are here!

We want to show the world that Vegan Muscle is not just about the physical strength you can have being vegan but to show the world that vegans have strength of heart, that we are strong enough within to stand up against the injustice happening to animals whatever the cost, however hard it may be, however far out of our comfort zone it may take us, that we have the inner strength to stand up against the crowd and to say no, this is wrong, to be a voice for the voiceless and to wear our vegan message with pride! 

Steve with Sheep

Vegan Muscle began in 2021, it started from an idea we had in the car coming back from the gym, a desire to promote being vegan and to help animals in a positive way. To take an industry where being vegan is thought to have been impossible and to show them... to prove to them that not only is it possible, it should be the baseline as to how we should live our lives and for people to understand that animals are here WITH us not FOR us.

So we got to work designing, sourcing, sampling, checking and so much more! Everything from materials, glues, labels and packaging HAD to be 100% Vegan as well as the whole process of how our clothes were being manufactured. It took us just over a year until we were finally happy and we launched our first line of products! 

Mel and Lara

Alongside launching our first product line we also launched our two YouTube channels! Vegan muscle gym wear & Vegan muscle outreach both channels dedicated to fighting for justice for the animals and showing people we weren't just talking about it we were out there doing it! Our vision at Vegan Muscle is not just to sell our product range but we want to create a Vegan Muscle family, a team, a tribe, an awesome group of people all coming together in unity all for the same cause, for the animals and we are so happy to say that in a short space of time we are already seeing this take place! We are so proud to be part of something so special and so pleased you also want to be part of it with us!

It is irrelevant if you are a runner, a tri-athlete, a body builder, a strength athlete, a swimmer or if even thinking about exercise gets you out of breath! Every single one of us has our strengths and it's so important to represent for the animals. That's why all our products are designed for maximum comfort for inside or outside the gym so if you're out on your run, doing your Pilates session, lifting up big weights or breaking that mental sweat thinking about doing a few crunches you can still be part of the Vegan Muscle family and represent for the animals with pride wherever you are. 

Steve and Lara the cow

Our aim for the future is to grow and grow and grow! To add more and more awesome people just like you to our Vegan Muscle family, as we grow, we can launch more and more product lines and the more people wearing them out and about or in the gym representing means the more noise is made for the animals! The bigger the noise means we can get to more hearts and minds that in turn can liberate all the animals from what they are having to endure and suffer right now because until every cage is empty and until all are free, we won't stop!

Thank you for reading our about us page and welcome to the Vegan Muscle family! You are awesome! 

Train hard - Represent harder because the strong protect the weak!